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Teaching Principles

Like in life, everybody is different. I tailor my teaching methods to each individual student. I work with each student to overcome limitations and maximize strengths. I treat my students like family. I strive to learn everything I can about each individual, so I can use that to help grow the game of golf. It starts with having a solid base and a strong knowledge of fundamentals. If you have a good grip, posture, and alignment, you can create a swing that will work best for your game. I use auditory and visual communication to demonstrate the importance of these things. I identify the general fundamental problem, and through the use of video technology, this allows my students to see exactly what works and doesn't work. This allows each student to identify what best suits his or her swing. Every swing is unique. What works for one student, might not work for the next.


Identifying and finding an individual swing that is consistently repeatable will help lower golf scores. Most of all, my methods allow each student to have a fun and enjoyable experience. I feel if you enjoy the game of golf, you'll get better, and pass on this wonderful sport for generations to come.

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